I.P.L & C.A.E
After few years investment in the Art community, I.P.L program (International Performers Lab) had a natural grow process to develop his objective as an International network for the Artists to C.A.E (Children Art Education).
Since 2005 I.P.L network is active in South America. The social condition in South America and position of the children in those countries is a confronting fact that we can’t ignore.
The Artists in the I.P.L network trying to create a bridge connection to their society by offering the children education in Arts.
Social Transformation and Art Education are new focus points in witch I.P.L program operating under the name of I.P.L & C.A.E (International Performers Lab and Children Art Education).
The result of our process is presented at the end of the project in form of a International Art Festival called: FRONTERAS.
The aim is to offer training in the periphery of cities throw the existing cultural organizations, to train the members and the children.
The training of children will go on in the absence of I.P.L artists by the members (the local artists) of cultural center. In this way we are creating an independent stricture, an organism that  continue to maintain it self.
I.P.L & C.A.E
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