Khosro Adibi
Khosro Adibi
Khosro Adibi is a multidisciplinary artist currently working as a teacher, performer, director, video/ photographer, visual artist and light/stage designer in different projects, theatre and dance theatre productions.
Khosro Adibi graduated in fine arts from HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht). He has studied dance at SNDO (School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam) as well as in New York City.
Khosro Adibi is facilitating workshops/ laboratories with an interest in using his knowledge to stimulate a more integrated process of creation for the artist/performer. His aim is to encourage the performer to develop a greater awareness of the external 'theatrical' space without losing his/her connection and trust in the internal physical exploration. 
In 2001 he founded Laster Studio (Center for Contemporary and Experimental Dance and Music) in Brussels, I.P.L (International Performers Lab) in 2004, Les PesPis (Company) in 2005 And
C.A.E (Children Art Education) in 2008.
Most recently, Khosro Adibi has been teaching, performing and Exhibiting  throughout Europe and Latin America, regularly trained the Rosas Company in Brussels, Maguy Marin Company in Lyon and has been
performing with Les Ballets C. de la B.
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